About the current health benefits system

The health benefits system in America has been going downhill for 40 years. Today it is chronically ill. The only winners are Big Pharma, Wall Street and the largest insurance providers. 

For everyone else, the system just stinks. Doctors don’t like it —  it’s not good for their practices or their patients. Employers hate the tradeoffs they’re forced to make between their people and profits.  And employees are getting squeezed by higher deductibles and more out of pocket expenses. 

Everyone agrees that change is needed. That’s why we started Incentive Health.

About our approach

When it comes to choosing a self-funded benefits package for your company, Incentive Health offers a friendly change of pace.

Our mission is to purposely disrupt the current system in a way that’s favorable to you. The business owner.  Because we believe that if the system works for you, it will benefit everyone.

We’re going to break down silos. Expose bad practices. Establish total transparency. And forge new paths that will challenge everything you think you know about health benefits. 

As we like to say, our benefits mean business. 

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About our Corporate Values


At Incentive Health we provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place, from the right provider.

However, for us “care” goes beyond medicine. Every American health plan provides access to reasonably good care. That’s the cost of entry in this business. But not all health insurance companies genuinely care about anything other than profits. 

At Incentive health we care about the health of our client’s business, about the health of the people we insure, and about the health of the entire industry.

Bottom line: We care more than the other guys. 


On the surface, the idea of “value” is simply about cost savings. Both our employer clients and the end-user employees can save money with Incentive Health. 

But the “value” of Incentive Health goes much deeper than that.

We provide better value by breaking down the silos in health care.  So our the end user gets more for less… more options, better coverage, more docs and much better service. 


First and foremost, we honor our commitments. We do what we say we’re going to do. For most of our competitors, all the talk of innovation and cost savings is just marketing hype. In this company, our word still means something and a handshake is real.

Total transparency of fees, cost structure and every operational detail is the ultimate test of honesty. With Incentive Health, you’ll know exactly where every dollar goes.


Innovation is on just about every company’s agenda. And it’s not just hype here.

This is where walk our talk… Our operation really IS disruptively innovative and different than anything else our prospects could choose.

We’ve designed every feature and every operational nuance within Incentive Health through the “innovation lens.”  If it’s not truly innovative, it’s off brand for Incentive Health. 


About the leadership team at Incentive Health

Donald Cornforth, M.D., President and CMO, Incentive Health IPA

Don is a retired diagnostic radiologist and a serial entrepreneur. Don’s been organizing provider groups and fighting big HMOs since he started Colorado’s first Independent Practice Association back in 1982.

Having no prior experience in healthcare administration, Don spent six months visiting with local business leaders, listening to their complaints about the healthcare and insurance system, and gathering great ideas of how to better serve the community.

Don recruited other doctors in private practice and organized his group around three core values… Improved Service. Value. Transparency.

Those are the roots of his current work with Incentive Health.

“Incentive Health is the natural culmination of everything I’ve done over the last 50 years,” Don says. “I’ve watched the cost of care escalate, while the value erodes, and I’m compelled to spend my retirement doing something about it.”

Don says that Incentive Health builds on his original ideals and adds sophisticated new tools and technology that allows them to integrate care, coordinate services and eliminate waste.

“This is a great opportunity to re-connect with business leaders and the employees to recapture their trust, working together to improve our entire health care system.”

Dr. Cornforth served as the Chief Medical Officer of San Joaquin Community Hospital from 2013 until his retirement in 2018. He has organized dozens of Independent Physician Associations, a consulting business, a private practice and even a software company serving the health care industry.

Carolyn Temple, Chief Operations Officer

Carolyn Temple is the consummate pro in her industry. She has held senior executive positions in healthcare administration for over 30 years. For the past 17 years she has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation for Medical Care of Kern County and President of HealthEdge Administrators, a third-party administration company based in Bakersfield, California.

In that role, Carolyn helps CEOs and HR executives maximize their self-funded health benefit programs that serve more than 136,000 members.

In addition, Carolyn also serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the California Foundation for Medical Care (CFMC). Within the circle of FMC and CFMC, she has senior executive authority and responsibility for overseeing all healthcare business lines including the regional and statewide medical, dental, and workers’ compensation provider networks.

Deborah Hankins, Senior Production Executive

Debbie is a healthcare executive with tremendous experience as a leader in clinical and business operations.

Since 2013 she has served as the COO of the Foundation for Medical Care of Kern County. Her experience there includes direct clinical leadership, human resources, physician services, leadership development, project management, business development, and turnaround management.

She has been successful in developing new clinical service lines and improving organizational efficiency. Her strengths include building effective leadership teams, relationships with physicians, building collaborative frontline teams, and mentoring individual professional development. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer for the Foundation for Medical Care/HealthEdge Administrators.

Previously, Debbie was the Chief Nursing Officer at San Joaquin Community Hospital.

Kurt Hoekendorf, Vice President of Marketing and Integration

Incentive Health has tapped Kurt to provide outreach and consultative oversight for employers and their brokers who have chosen to self-fund their medical benefit plans. Kurt has more than 30 years of experience and is an expert in ERISA self-insured benefit plan design and integration. His unique perspective on the current health benefits system is the result of his broad range of experience… He is an accredited broker and has held senior level executive positions within large health plans, regional hospital systems and physician provider networks.