Happier People and Healthier Profits.

Who says you can’t have both?

Take everything you think you know about health benefits, and start over. This is an entirely new approach.

At Incentive Health, you’ll get a sustainable benefits solution that plays as well in your boardroom as it does in the lunch room. Which means you’ll have a happy team of people, as well as healthy profits.

Stop getting squeezed by your benefits provider, and tip the scales in your favor.

Until now, choosing a benefits package has been a no-win proposition. Every year the carriers demand more and cover less. Deductibles go up, while service goes down. The only winner has been the big insurance companies and their Wall Street financiers. 

Incentive Health is on a quest to change all that. We’re tossing out the status quo and providing a sensible new approach to health benefits in California. 

Our mission is to expose the problems – the boondoggles – and bring transparency to the health delivery system. So you can finally get control of your health benefit costs.

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Incentives turn obstacles into opportunity.

As the name implies, our model is built on a foundation of free-market incentives. We believe those incentives are the key to a sustainable system of self-funded, direct-to-employer benefit packages. 

Our system provides financial and motivational incentives where they’re needed the most: 

All these incentives add up to this:

The Right Care, at the Right Time, from the Right Doctor, at a Fair Price. 

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Perfectly Balanced Benefit Packages.

Yes, you really can curb the rising cost of health care without compromising coverage. But it’s a delicate balance. 

Incentive Health balances the people side and the business side by tailoring your self-funded health benefits package to your specific business goals and to your unique group of people. 

This isn’t a matter of choosing Plan A, B or C. It’s a process of designing a sustainable business solution that also provides affordable coverage. Because if you don’t keep your business healthy, there’s nothing you can do for your people.