Network Providers

With a benefits plan from Incentive Health, finding a provider in your part of California is not a problem.

PRIMARY NETWORK:  Our proprietary IPN (Incented Private Network) in California consists of more than 1400 hand-picked providers that are extremely excited about our new business model. These directly-contracted providers consist primarily of local, community-based hospitals, physicians and ancillary care providers.  

Our primary providers are incented to provide efficient, integrated medical care that saves you money on your self-funded benefits plan.

In our system their performance is constantly monitored in order to deliver the right care, at the right time, from the right doctor. With no wasted effort or duplication of costs. So integrated care is built into our system. When your employees choose a Primary Care Physician from our IPN, everyone saves money.

If requested, Incentive Health will work with your broker to devise a more narrow EPO network in your specific geographic area in the Central Valley or in parts of Northern California.

SECONDARY NETWORK: California Foundation for Medical Care  Professional Network (CFMC). CFMC is a unique partnership of 12 individual foundations that together cover the entire state, from Humbolt County to San Diego County. CFMC includes more than 30,000 providers.

NATION-WIDE WRAP NETWORK:  Upon request, we can include a nation-wide wrap network that provides nationwide coverage for when your people need care while away from home.

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Other Key Partnerships & Affiliations

Health Edge Administrators

Incentive Health uses a third-party administration company to meticulously administer every plan that we write.

Health Edge Administrators has been a trusted resource since 2005. Their skilled team of account managers, planners, claims specialists and customer service reps allow Incentive Health to provide superior benefits at a reasonable rate.

In addition, Health Edge Administrators partners with well-vetted industry leaders for case management/utilization review, pharmacy benefit management and stop loss insurance.


Customer Service:

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